Work with you & Production management

Materials and accessories sourcing service

We have many different catalogs of high luxury and quality fabrics, leathers, new materials and accessories that allowing a total customization of your project. Our suppliers are trusted partners with whom we are working for years and that are recognized for their prestigious work. With the same high standards, we can develop for your tailor-made materials and accessories.

Leather goods production

Thanks to our trusted partners and subcontractors based in France, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe, we can manage your leather goods production as handbags, small leather goods and accessories from a minimum of order of 50 pieces to larger production of more than 10 000 pieces. No matter if you are at the beginning of your project or if you are in the process with your own partners, we can help you on each step of the production.

Our team is speaking French, English and Italian, so our communication with all partners are easy and it avoids any misunderstanding.

Quality control on leathers and finished goods

We offer you our expertise and our experience in the leather industry to make your quality controls on leathers and materials before the production beginning and also on finished products that are in factories. We define together all the targets and bullet points to check for you to get the best satisfaction you need.