Lifestyle & Leather Goods


We are making desk and table pads, coatings, table mats, trays, billers and menus in leather, wood or new materials for stores, offices, restaurants, hotels and prestigious places.


Our interior designers partners entrust us the fabrication of decoration goods as cushions in leather and fabric, wall panels in leather and even cigar boxes.


In leather, faux leather or new plant material, we are producing objects as baskets and glove boxes to enhance the most stunning interiors.

Leather Goods

Our several skills in the leather work make us able to create card holders, passport holders, pen holders, book covers, key holders and many other leather goods accessories.

Our skills make us expert to renovate old furniture and to create new sofas and armchairs, from your ideas and projects.

Other Service

Leather Goods

Thanks to our know-how and our expertise in the leather goods industry, we can produce your projects closely with you. You can discover our specific work on this website.